Sound Bath

Join us on a deeper dive into an ocean of restorative music and sound. Simply lie back and receive wave upon wave of sonic healing as we let you sink in with drum and rattle, enchant you with flute and guitar, immerse you in overtones of Tibetan Bowls, and open you heart with voice. These instruments simply become your friends and guides to take you where you already know you need to go.

Drum Journey

A truly ancient modality, drumming to induce trance and the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness has been used by humans since the Paleolithic across cultures and continents and continues right up to this very day. This practice can be found deep in the roots of human spirituality as a means of connecting with the eternal within oneself and finding the healing that relationship brings. Let us drum for you and hold safe space as you sink deep.

Sacred Sound

The use of sound to meditate, journey within, and heal is a technique that humans have been using for 10’s of thousands of years. At the Foundation of Vibrant Living, we honor this tradition in all or our Sound Healing Sessions. We are tuned to recognize and respond to the vibration of the drum, the percussion of the rattle, the resonance of Tibetan bowls, and the aching beauty of the flute. These ancient instruments, as well as voice and guitar, are used to hold the space for your journey